Guest Post: Bonnie Goldstone ChT NLP Reiki Master

How to Have a Stress-Free Pregnancy and Birth

By Bonnie Goldstone ChT  NLP  Reiki Master



I remember jostling and maneuvering my 4 small children through the grocery store one day and an older woman stopped to admire me and my brood. She said almost tearfully, “I loved that time when my children were babies…enjoy each moment, because it doesn’t last.” I have thought of this many times as my children grew up and I must agree with her!

Motherhood is the most exciting, adventurous and joyful experience!

Expecting a baby is so much more than planning its birth. Your life is beginning to change in ways you may not have considered.

You are responsible for this little one from the day of conception. In many ways you naturally make adjustments and changes to your lifestyle as you prepare for your new family addition.

As a Board Certified Hypnotherapist I’m thrilled when I get a chance to work with Parents-to-be as they prepare for the arrival of their babies.

I’m amazed at how many parents have not considered hypnosis as an option for birthing. Somehow the word ‘hypnosis’ sounds mysterious and many people do not realize that hypnosis is a natural state and has been used for thousands of years for healing.

I had my own experience of birthing using hypnosis quite by accident. In the late 1970’s my husband and I we in the habit of listening to hypnotic recording at bedtime. These audios helped us to get a good night sleep as well as, re-enforce positive suggestion such as eating healthy.

When I went into labour with our first child in 1979, I had a lot of back discomfort. It was intense and I could not get comfortable. As I struggled with this discomfort, an idea popped into my head. I needed to relax and I wished I had our night time recording with me. I asked my husband if he could remember how the beginning of the recording went and if he would recite it to me. As he did, I began to relax, my muscles eased and the pressure in my back reduced. I was able to allow my body to do what it naturally wanted to do.   My body responded quickly and with the expert guidance of my nurse, who was a UK trained midwife, our daughter arrived easily and quickly. I had not intended to use hypnosis for birth, yet by listening to my own inner voice, I was able to choose a calm birth experience for both my daughter and I.

I love to work with expectant parents because it gives me the opportunity to enlighten them on a few things they may have over looked as they prepare for parenthood. Your unborn child is developing in so many ways. For example, did you know that your subconscious mind stores memories from the time of conception? Do you know that babies are aware of the sounds inside and outside of moms’ body?   You may have heard of studies showing an unborn child’s reaction to the music at a rock concerts vs classical music. Your baby is aware of loud harsh noises and soft soothing sounds.

Your baby is also aware of your feelings. Just as you can sense the emotional state of your friends and family, your baby can sense your emotional state, as well. As a hypnotherapist I’m always reminded that it really is all about the children. Children, starting in utero, are affected by thoughts and feelings of their parents. This is why I teach my clients the importance of doing all you can to maintain a calm and peaceful environment throughout pregnancy, during the birth process and afterwards. We have choices, and I encourage Moms to choose to create a peaceful and calm environment for her babies.

Many moms feel especially emotional during pregnancy and it is important to take time to rest. It could also be that during this time old emotional hurts or traumas may surface and create a sense of anxiety or fear. I use hypnosis, reiki and essential oils in my office to help my client release these old issues so they can move forward and live happier and more peacefully.

To help my moms and dads-to-be create calmness I teach them relaxation techniques they can practice at home.   All my clients go home with audio recording to listen to daily as they practice the steps to reach relaxation and re-enforce all the positive suggestions we have discussed in our sessions together. Each couple is individual and unique and require different things. Some couple are excited to learn the hypnosis and dad eagerly practices and is ready to guided mom when the time comes. Other parents prefer to practice using an audio recording and choose to have an audio recording they can use at the time of birth.

The experience of hypnosis at this precious time of your life is truly a gift to yourself and your family. You will have these skills and information for the rest of your life. I hope you do choose to learn more about creating a peaceful and calm environment for you and your family.

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