Growing up as the eldest of six children I was immersed in the world of pregnancy and babies at a young age, but I didn’t begin to imagine myself as a midwife until years later. I first learned of midwifery as a modern profession during my years at McMaster University in Hamilton where I was studying Drama and Women’s Studies. When I graduated with an Honours B.A. in 1999 the seeds had been planted.

After receiving my degree I began volunteering as a doula and childbirth educator at Jessie’s Place, a resource centre for teen moms in Toronto. I also had the privilege of volunteering at Dr. Jack Newman’s breastfeeding clinic in North York. I was hooked—I applied and began my studies at the UBC Midwifery Program in 2005. I graduated in 2010 and have happily been working in Mission ever since, joining Erin at Mission Midwifery in 2011.

I am a Mission girl through and through. My grandfather was a busy family doctor here who delivered hundreds if not thousands of babies. Both my parents grew up in Mission and were always actively involved in the community. It was a dream of mine to come back to my hometown and provide compassionate, community and woman-centred maternity care.

I am the mother of two beautiful children and auntie to six amazing nieces and nephews, all of whom were born with the help of midwives. I live in Mission with my kids and my very supportive partner Erik.

Shannon Ruley | RM
Nooshin Nikpartow | RM

I was born and raised in Iran, and completed my four-year Bachelor’s degree of Midwifery in 1995. After 11 years of practicing Midwifery, my husband and I along with our two young daughters left our family and friends in Iran to start a new and exciting life in Canada.

Since our arrival in 2006, I have completed a Master’s degree in Community Health and Epidemiology at the University of Saskatchewan and became a Registered Midwife in January 2009. Before moving to Abbotsford in June 2011 and having the privilege of serving the growing families in the beautiful Fraser Valley, I worked at a new midwifery practice in Saskatoon which held an outstanding homebirth rate of 50%.

Midwifery care – the opportunity to support the incredible process of two hearts (mother’s and the heart of the beautiful baby she’s bringing into this world) – is both my dream and my humble work. It has been such a joy for me to bring my skills to my new home in Canada.

Over the past 7 years I have had the privilege of working with women and their families during labour, birth, and the postpartum period, which is arguably one of the most transformative times in a person’s life. I started as a doula offering free services to young mothers in 2014. This led to a wonderful year as a doula and prenatal class instructor. I enjoyed this work, however, I was very interested in pursuing a medical career and midwifery felt like the right fit as it aligned with my values. I am passionate about informed choice and evidence based medicine, and I appreciate the relationships we are able to form with our clients.
I began my midwifery degree in 2015 at McMaster University. Throughout my training I worked in Hamilton, Stratford, London, and Richmond BC, before moving to the Fraser Valley to start my career as a midwife in 2019.
When I am not on call, you will find me scoping out new coffee shops with my husband and 10 month old daughter, or looking for new trails to hike in the area.
It is an honour to work with this excellent team of midwives and I look forward to being involved in your care.

Ella Anvari | RM

Where do I begin? It’s because of my two wonderful children that I became personally experienced with midwifery and doula care. I am proud to say I have seen both ends of the birth spectrum–my daughter was the long intense hospital delivery and my son was the accidental one-hour birth at home. I know firsthand that birth is not predictable, however, with the right support you can come out feeling inspired and strong. Without the support of my husband, my midwife, and doula, I likely would not have the positive memories of my births that I do today.

I have the breastfeeding for health care providers certificate through Douglas college. I am also a Lamaze trained prenatal educator and have been co-teaching classes here in Mission with <a href=””>Mission Prenatal</a>. Over the last 10 years, it has given me the opportunity to get to know this amazing community and the surrounding areas more personally.

As the office manager for Mission Midwives, I look forward to sharing in the excitement of your pregnancies and making sure you always remember your appointments *wink.*.

Cindy Penner | Office Manager & Instructor
Colleen Van Der Horst | Office Manager

I fell into midwifery 10 years ago. Previously, I worked for an obstetrician and family practice for several years prior to joining the wonderful world of midwifery. Soon following, I was deeply addicted and passionate about midwifery care and loved the process of informed decision. I believe women deserve to be in control and educated about their choices, and providing adequate support to our families during the childbearing year ensuring success! Shortly after joining the team of midwives, I wanted to be closer to the birthing experience and decided to become a labor support and postpartum Doula through Douglas College. I also gained a certificate in breastfeeding support. I have experienced both hospital and home birth for myself and as a labor Doula, and truly believe with the right support and guidance a safe and happy birth is very possible in any setting.