Welcome To Mission Midwives

Pregnancy is a time of preparation, planning, and getting to know yourself and your family in a whole new way. This can be an exciting process, and sometimes an overwhelming one. It is our hope that the women and families we work with have the support to really learn about their choices, make informed decisions, and have the opportunity to fully connect with their own experience giving birth.

Philosophy of care

We believe that maternity care should be woman-centered. All women should have access to care that centers on their needs, choices and concerns for themselves and their babies. Women have the right to access current, evidence-based information and research to make informed decisions throughout their care.

We believe that maternity care should be family-centered; however, each family may be defined. Building strong connections with women and families improves collective health and strengthens our community in far-reaching ways.

Midwifery care is also focused on building trusting partnerships between women and their care providers. Women should have the opportunity to get to know their midwives through the course of their care, in preparation for labour and birth.

Is Midwifery right for you?

In BC, women generally choose a midwife or a family physician as their primary care provider during a low-risk pregnancy. Some OB/Gyns also provide primary care. There are some similarities and some differences in the models of care practiced between these care providers, but all services are fully covered by MSP. Whichever model you choose, if complications arise and you require the services of a specialist (for example, an obstetrician, pediatrician, or lactation consultant) these referrals are made through your midwife or doctor.

If you have further questions about whether midwifery care is right for you, we offer the opportunity to meet with the midwife for an initial consultation in order to discuss your care preferences and plans for this pregnancy and birth. We will share information about the BC midwifery model of care, our scope of practice, and review your choice of birthplace options. You are then free to decide which type of care best suits your needs.

Our Practice

Our care team consists of four midwives who provide weekly clinic days, 24/7 on-call coverage, and home-based visits during the early postpartum period.

Routine clinic appointments focus on the physical and emotional aspects of pregnancy, preparations for birth, and options to consider during your pregnancy and beyond. We routinely monitor you and your growing baby’s physical progression and wellbeing. Throughout your care, you will have access to all routine laboratory testing, genetic screening and ultrasounds as outlined by Perinatal Services of BC.

Once your active labour becomes established, the midwife on-call will attend you and provide one-to-one care throughout until after your baby is born. During the early hours post-delivery, our focus is preserving a healthy, bonded transition for you and your baby, and on assisting the initiation of breastfeeding if you choose.

Following your birth, our early postpartum care includes home visits during the first week, followed by scheduled clinic visits thereafter until 6 weeks. During this time, we provide all routine primary care for both you and your newborn. After 6 weeks, we discharge your care back to your family physician, and ensure you have access to community resources and Public Health for continued follow-up.

We have excellent referral relationships with obstetricians, pediatricians and family physicians in our community. Indications may arise during your care that require consultation with another care provider. At times, due to developing health concerns, care will be shared or transferred to an OB/Gyn. Should this occur, the midwives remain involved in your care in a supportive role.

See the  College of Midwives of BC (CMBC) Guideline “Indications for Discussion, Consultation and Transfer of Care

We offer choice of birthplace, either in a home or hospital setting. Place of birth is mostly determined by patient choice and their clinical needs. Our midwives maintain active privileges at Abbotsford Regional Hospital which has an outstanding single-room maternity care facility.

For women considering home birth, careful screening and discussion throughout pregnancy, in accordance with CMBC guidelines and policies, help to determine if this is the right choice for you.

Water birth is a wonderful option at home, but is not yet offered in our local hospital setting. Our practice offers access to a water birth tub and setup kit for those planning water birth at home.

Mission Midwifery is a teaching practice. To support the future of midwifery in B.C. and to improve access to care for more women, our practice welcomes students from the UBC midwifery program during their clinical preceptorships. Our clients can invite assigned students to participate in their office visits, home visits and birth care.